DID YOU KNOW that PETRONAS Grand Prix MotoGP 2022 event is using scaffolding as their temporary shelters structure?

petronas grand malaysia
PETRONAS Grand Prix MotoGP 2022 event

The PETRONAS Grand Prix of Malaysia 2022, a celebrated motorsport event, witnessed an engineering triumph as scaffolding played a pivotal role in creating a temporary shelter. This article sheds light on the construction process, combining modular and aluminium scaffolding to craft a 27x40x10-meter structure, complete with a strategically designed 16×4-meter entrance. A feat accomplished in five days, the project also integrated intricate carpentry for both interior and exterior elements.

Ground Structure: Modular Scaffoldings

Modular Scaffoldings

The foundation of the temporary shelter rests on modular scaffolding, renowned for its adaptability and strength. By connecting standardized components, engineers established a robust framework capable of supporting the expansive dimensions of 27 x 40 meters.

Roof Structure: Aluminium Scaffoldings

Aluminium Scaffoldings

The canopy of the shelter features a lightweight aluminium roof, balancing practicality and durability. Standing at an impressive 10 meters, this roofing solution harmonizes aesthetics and strength. Its lightweight composition and corrosion resistance contribute to the shelter’s overall stability and longevity.

Strategic Entrance: Form Meets Function

Form Meets Function

A 16×4-meter entrance serves as a visual centrepiece and enhances visitor flow. The entrance’s dimensions are calculated to ensure smooth foot traffic, exemplifying a perfect blend of design and practicality.

Carpentry Integration: Artistic Fusion

Artistic Fusion

An outstanding feature of this shelter is the seamless integration of intricate carpentry. Scaffoldings provide a canvas for the artful carpentry work, creating a cohesive visual experience that extends from the interior to the exterior. This integration exemplifies the fusion of engineering and design, elevating the shelter’s aesthetic impact.

7-day Efficiency

The entire structure was erected within a week, a testament to meticulous planning and efficient execution. The combination of modular scaffolding and lightweight aluminium expedited the construction process, underscoring the project’s engineering prowess.

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