Aluminium Mobile Tower


Aluminium Mobile Tower - Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium Mobile Tower

The Series 2 Aluminium Mobile Tower adheres to the European Standard EN1004 and is meticulously designed to offer a sturdy, secure, and reliable mobile or stationary work platform. Its construction emphasizes exceptional quality and durability, guaranteeing longevity for each frame. As a result, this scaffold provides enhanced safety, productivity, and resilience. Furthermore, it has undergone thorough testing and obtained approval for meeting Class 3 of EN1004 standards, enabling it to support loads of up to 200kg/m2.

Feautures :

  • Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy.
  •  Fully TIG-welded frame and decks.
  •  Ample access through 650mm  x 500mm trap door opening.
  •  Self-locking spring loaded brace hooks.
  •  Decks manufactured with slip resistant plywood.
  •  Robust  8” swivel castors with directional brake.




  • Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy.
  • Fully TIG-welded frame and decks.
  • Ample access through 650mm x 500mm trap door opening.
  • Self-locking spring loaded brace hooks.
  • Decks manufactured with slip resistant plywood.
  • Robust 8” swivel castors with directional brake.


  • Deck Length: 2.5m / 1.8m
  • Frame Width: 1.3m / 0.85m
  • Frame Height:: 2.2m / 1.65m / 1.1m
  • Transom spacings: 275mmALUMINIUM SCAFFOLD TOWER
  • Tubes (Outside Diameter): 50.8mm 0.85m wide tower are rated Light Duty only (safe working load of 225kg)
  • Using high strength 2.5mm wall thickness tube.
  • TIG welded joints for maximum strength and durability.
  • Grooved rung for additional
  • safety in the workplace.
  • Easy fit spigots for fast erection and can withstand rigorous use
  • Brace hook with automatic lock for quick release and tear down

Silaraakses Alloy Towers offer you a range of work at height solutions for any situation.

  • Scaffolding Building Maintenance
  • Cleaning Services
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Ship Train MaintenanceALUMINIUM SCAFFOLD TOWER
  • Construction Installation Work
  • Event or Concert used and etc



  • Special purposed mobile tower for heavy duty application.
  • Durable frame: fabricated with 4.75mm wall thickness high strength alloy tube.
  • High working height : Up to 30m* * Subject to detail check by PE


  • Deck Length: 2.5m
  • Frame Width: 1.3m
  • Frame Height:: 2.2m / 1.1m
  • Tubes (Outside Diameter): 50.8mm
Aluminium Mobile Tower DW-180

Double Width 1300 x 1800 mm

Aluminium Mobile Tower DW-250

Double Width 1300 x 2500 mm

Aluminium Mobile Tower SW-180

Single Width 850 x 1800 mm

Aluminium Mobile Tower HD-250

Heavy Duty 2500 x 1300 mm

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