Special Scaffold

Aluminium Canopy Walk

Aluminium Canopy Walk is the most iconic project of our company. It is the longest permanent aluminium structure in peninsular Malaysia (and might be in the world as well). The structure is located in Taman Botani Kepong under the supervision of Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC). Located in the skirt of the reserved forest in Kepong, the structure takes up area of 3200 square meter. Surrounded by tall trees ranging from 20 to 40 meters, the structure is built for tourists to enjoy the views and scenery of the flora and fauna. It is also used by researchers to study our Bio-Ecology. The scenery and landmarks of Kuala Lumpur can also be seen from the top of the highest platform, which is 50 meters from the ground level.

Event Structure

We can customize our modular structures to meet your event structure requirements whether it is for staging, roofing, trusses, backdrop and many more. With our in-house designer we work with you to come out with concept and detailed drawing. Our project coordinator will work with you throughout the event from starts to end. We support all types of events from sports event, concerts & performance to exhibition & roadshow.

Temporary Shelter/Building

The Silara akses Modular building can be used for both permanent and temporary usage. Permanent building is designed for long term needs of up to 20 years. Example of permanent building is for warehouse, sports hall, factory and workshop. On the other hand, temporary building is design for short terms usage which usually for few months or few years. The advantage of Silara akses  modular system is the flexibility where the structures can be dismantled and relocate depending of usage and demand. Examples of temporary buildings are temporary warehouse, emergency shelter, industrial weather protection shed and convention/exhibition hall.

Column is a vertical structural member which is designed to transmit compressive load. There are two types of column normally used together with Silara akses roof truss module which are either Steel UB column or Truss column. Both have its own usage and advantages. UB column generally can be used for higher roof level of up to 15 m. It is quick to erect however a bigger footing will be required to support it. Truss column on the other hand generally used for height of up to 6m but can be used with light slab due to its pinned connection to the ground. For roof, selection of design such as mono-pitch, duo-pitch, and arch basically depends on the clear span requirement of the structure. Finally for cladding or sheeting, selection of either poly-fabric material or metal sheeting will depends on nature and duration of use.

Access Platform & Bridge

Silara akses Access Platform is a Modular alloy truss system, designed to provide elevated access and loading solutions. This light-weight alloy bridging system has exceptional strength and allows you to build a variety of long spanned structures. The possibilities reach as far as the imagination and facilitate both straight and curved applications. The light-weight system can be suspended,  mounted on trolleys or supported from ground-based towers/ scaffolds. It is ideal for industrial maintenance and spanning large distances with the ability to carry heavy loads. The structures are totally modular and can be assembled in situ or at ground level and hoisted into position. For Access and Scaffolding problems, we can provide solutions especially in areas where access at height would consume large volumes of materials, complex geometrical requirement, a large area of floor space and a large amount of labour. With lightweight truss system, Silara akses is purposely designed to remove as much ground-based support as possible. This is an ideal solution for carrying out maintenance work above live rail or road networks.

Heavy Duty Bridge

Silara Akses Sdn Bhd provides safety systems for infrastructure projects and the construction industry. Our strong, rapid-build steel panel bridges and structural shoring towers provide effective solutions for contractors and emergency work. We provide trench-shoring products and durable composite roadway systems for the toughest site access challenges. Our in-house engineers work closely with customers to develop reliable, safe and long-lasting solutions.

We supply and install rapid-build, precision-engineered bridges for urban, rural, industrial, military and emergency applications. We also offer on-site field assistance to customers who rent our engineered systems.