Merdeka 118, formerly known as Warisan Merdeka Tower, KL 118 and PNB 118, is a 118-storey skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, has reached the end phase of its construction with all its façade structure, mostly made of glass, have been installed. Clustered to the tower, a Commercial Mall, which is known as the 118 Mallis only midway through the construction progress with most of its structures still being constructed. Connecting the two mega structures is an aesthetically pleasing glass-covered steel bridge, called as ‘Link-Bridge’.

Problem Statement:

Our client needs to install architectural glass around Link-Bridge. The challenges are twofold: –
I) No areas to install scaffold from underneath the Link-Bridge, as the ground surface is also made of glass facade.
II) Glass facades need to be installed all around the bridge from bottom, side and top of the Link-Bridge which means minimal obstruction for scaffold support is required.


Sectional Drawing of the Aluminium Modular Bridging System


Based on the above constraints, utilising our Aluminium Modular Bridging System, we have come up with a solution whereby the temporary structures wrap around the bridge section, with the only supported is from the top of the Bridge Steel structure.

The solution has a few beneficial features as follows: –
I) It eliminates any scaffold support from bottom of the bridge, which is unavoidable for conventional suspended/hung scaffold.
II) It minimises total scaffold support required on the bridge which means less obstruction to the facade installation activity.
III) It minimises volume of material requires as the platform could be mobilised on trolley & track system to reach the whole length of the bridge.

Lightweight Aluminium material used to make these platforms make it possible to be designed in such way and make the transition or shifting of the platform along the bridge structures seamless, something which is not feasible using the conventional steel scaffold.

In overall, we are delighted to provide solution to our clients complex scaffolding needs, and in general to contribute on this another iconic mega project in Malaysia.

The installed Aluminium Modular Bridging System on site.

Our aluminium scaffold is also mobile and can be moved along the Link-Bridge using our trolley system. The trolley is coupled with I-beams that are installed above the link bridge for it to be on track and reach the whole length of the bridge.


Drawing of the trolley and track system to mobilise the platform.

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