Octagon Lock

Silara Akses Octagon Scaffold are built to be the most dependable and efficient scaffolding available. Safe and convenient, our Octagonlock Scaffolding line includes multiple ledgers, clamps, guardrails, connectors, stair stringers, steps, and adapters. Its suitable for a complete scaffolding system, or just need accessories that are compatible with your current ring lock scaffolding system.


  1. up to eight connections per joint
  2. option to attach horizontals at right angles with high accuracy at the required level
  3. free choice of angles between horizontals by using large or small connection gaps
  4. load transfer aligned to axes with positive connections
  5. the flat shape of the connection plate means no mortar, dirt, ice, grit blasting debris etc. can accumulate
  6. high joint load capacity and stiffness
  7. can be adapted to suit any plan shape and form of construction by using the variable connection options, the choice of spans available and freely selectable scaffold height increments of 50 cm
  8. hot dip galvanized surface for long lasting antirust ability

Octagonlock Brochure